Why I don’t trust the media

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Years ago, 60 Minutes ran a segment on Dan Whitney.

They followed him around his farm, showed clips of him on tour, and listened to him wax philosophic on… well, nothing, really. They just let him toss out quips here and there, which was apparently enough for their journalistic integrity.

Right now, you might be wondering, “Um, who is Dan Whitney?”

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Frozen Moments

“And this will be, the one thing we remember.”

~ OK Go

My son is two-and-a-half years old. His favorite song is The One Moment, by OK Go. I have to sing it to him every night before bed, like a lullaby. If it comes on when we’re in the car, he shouts “Color Band!”—his name for them—and begins shouting out all the colors as they appear in the video.

(If you’re not familiar, you should check it out.)

He’s at a particularly loving stage in life; his current modus operandi regarding avoiding bedtime is to become particularly snuggly, demanding hugs and kisses. And not just any hugs and kisses, my son has specific ways of giving and receiving affection.

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