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Insecure people are easily triggered: tshirt by nathan timmel

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Cassette tape T-shirt by Nathan Timmel

Comedy Albums

This Could Get Awkward

This Could Get Awkward

Release date: 2020

format: MP3

I Might Not Be Joking

Release date:  2016

format: MP3

Only Slightly Offensive

Release date: 2013



We Are 100

A group of vigilantes are murdering people one by one… but only the most evil among us. A fast-paced crime thriller where the line between villain and hero is blurred.

$5.99 Kindle, $9.99 Paperback

Hey Buddy… Dubious Advice From Dad

A stand-up comedian shares life’s most important lessons with his second-born toddler son.

$4.99 Kindle, $9.99 Paperback

It’s OK to Talk to Animals

Through weekly letters, Nathan gives his two-year-old daughter context for her world.

$4.99 Kindle, $9.99 Paperback

I Was a White Knight…Once

A memoir of personal struggle and redemption—and the origin story of a joke-slinger.

$3.03 Kindle, $9.99 Paperback & audiobook


Support Our Troops Tee

Adult Medium, Adult Large, and Adult XL



Old School See-Saw Tee

Adult Medium, Adult Large, Adult XL



Fun Stuff

All Cops Suck C*** Bumper Sticker

The world’s best revenge: a bumper sticker you don’t put on your own car. Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend got you down? Slap this on their bumper… and smile.



99¢ eBooks

Quick reads for your Kindle

Not in the mood for a longer read? Grab a mini-book—they’re about 30 or so pages on average.

99¢ each

The Bearded Midget (and other Asian adventures)

Comedians often travel around the world to entertain troops stationed far from home. Sometimes, this is a good thing. Sometimes… maybe not. Nathan brings tales of comic adventures back from the Orient.

Are You There, Xenu? It’s Me, Nathan

Nathan and friends take Scientology for a test drive in the early 1990s.

An Inattention to Detail: A Comedian Lobs Jokes in Iraq

Telling jokes to active duty soldiers is a different kind of performance—no stages, microphones, or spotlights. Nathan reflects on the unique responsibility of delivering punch lines to those who need laughter the most.

The Accidental Substitute: How a Stand-up Comedian Became a Part-time Teacher

What happens when you put a stand-up comedian in a classroom of middle schoolers… as their teacher?

Same Same: Why Gay Doesn’t Matter

Nathan describes how an upbringing devoid of homophobia—something unusual for a Midwest town in the early 1980s—instilled in him a strong belief that love is love, no matter the gender of those involved.

Go Home Happy: The Serious Side of Stand-up Comedy

On the surface, stand-up comedy seems glamorous: laughter, bright spotlights, and traveling the world. But like sausage-making, the reality is far from pretty. Nathan describes the struggles and rewards of a career in stand-up.

The Four-Legged Perspective — One Dog’s Take on Burp Rags and Baby Sisters

How does a dog’s life change when a brand-new baby is brought into the house? A schnauzer tells it like it is in this entertaining glimpse into the mind of a four-legged friend.

Touched by Anything But an Angel

A potpourri of stories, from the uncomfortable fun of a man-on-man massage to Afghanistan to the Sterling Hall bombing in Madison, Wisconsin in 1970.

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