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Sure, anyone can make words on a screen. And anyone can yap into a microphone. But how many can do both?

A Nose for all that is Unholy

Will Hunting had an aptitude for mathematic equations and memorizing book passages. Einstein unraveled the secrets of the universe. Everyone on this planet has a gift, and a very good friend of mine is no different, even if his “gift” is.

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I Was a White Knight… Once

I Was a White Knight… Once Readers Say "This book makes you cry and smile, and at times, you just want to seek him out and give [Nathan] a great big hug." "Humorous, uplifting, and wonderfully tragic." "His writing is genuine, authentic, unabashedly honest and replete with engaging...

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Touched by Anything but an Angel

If there is one constant in life, it’s that women prefer receiving massages from women, and men prefer receiving massages from women. Unfortunately, I got to experience the interesting sensation of being manhandled, and it was less than pleasurable…

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I was a child when John Lennon was murdered, but I remember what happened as if it were yesterday.

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