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[The backstory I will provide is that this was my second attempt to receive customer support for this problem. I had been receiving “help” from ‘Francis’ for about 10 minutes before being cut off. I hope I wasn’t too rude, but at the same time, I dislike being read a script when I am trying to focus on a specific problem.]

All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.


(10 minutes pass)


You are now chatting with ‘Reena’

Your Issue ID for this chat XXXXXXX

Reena: Hello, how may I help you?

nathan: Hi Reena… I was on a chat with ‘Francis’ and was cut off…

nathan: I’m having problems registering my new magicJack purchase.

Reena: Alright,Let me help you

Reena: May I have the full details of your concern please?

nathan: Sure…

nathan: Right now I’m being told that my email is already registered in your system, but that I don’t have an account.

Reena: Thanks.

nathan: So, it won’t let me create a new account, because it says I’m already registered, but it doesn’t seem to have an account for me already.

Reena: Let me guess are you on the registration right?

nathan: You have guessed correctly, hence why I said “I’m having problems registering my new magicJack purchase.”

Reena: Alright,Let me help you on this

Reena: Please plug your magicJack device into a USB port on your computer

nathan: Yes, that’s how this started…

nathan: I’m actually at the stage where I am attempting to register it.

Reena: what are your options there?

nathan: it won’t let me create a new account, because it says I’m already registered, but it doesn’t seem to have an account for me already.

nathan: So I’m not sure what my options are, actually.

Reena: I will be right with you.

nathan: Copy that. Thank you.


(3 minutes pass)


Reena: Pelase do unplug the device now and re-plug it in after 20 sec

nathan: No.

nathan: That is not the problem.

nathan: The problem is magicJack both says I am and am not in the system.

Reena: what do you mean?

nathan: Plugging and unplugging the device will not help that.

Reena: Just unplug it..


(I roll my eyes and do as I’m told)


nathan: It is rebooting now.

nathan: I unplugged it, and counted to 20.

Reena: Okay.

nathan: And the exact same thing is happening. This is not an “Unplug it and count to 20 issue,” as I explained to you a few minutes ago.

Reena: Okay.

Reena: Is the magicJack your  dial pad visible on your screen right now?

nathan: Yes.

Reena: can you see the word click here to register?

nathan: I have already clicked that. For the third time: it is telling me that my email is already on file, yet also telling me I have to create a new account.

nathan: So I cannot create a new account, yet I have not registered it yet, so I do not have an account yet.

Reena: Please do use a new e-mail address to continue registratriomn

nathan: No.

nathan: This is the email I wish to use.

nathan: As I have not created an account using it, it should be available.

Reena: Since you already try to use that e-mail and try to register that device you can’t now longer use that e-mail on taht device

nathan: Actually, this is the first time I have tried to register using this email.

Reena: Okay..


(8 minutes go by)


nathan: OK, new problem.

nathan: I figured the registration on my own…


(I clicked “Forgot password” and it said, “Do you wish to receive an Activation Code?” and sent me a code to activate the account it said I had, but hadn’t created)


nathan: It has been registered, and I am now testing it by calling, and it is not ringing.

nathan: Apparently I can make outgoing calls.

nathan: But nothing seems to be coming in.

Reena: May I have your number please?

nathan: xxx-xxx-xxxx

Reena: One moment please…


(10 minutes pass)


nathan: If I call the number, it rings from my cell phone, but when I pick up my home phone, which the magicJack is plugged in to, I hear a dial tone. This dial tone is sounding at the same time that my cell phone tells me the number is ringing.

Reena: What you are experiencing right now is normal.Because it will take 10 business days for the number to be completely ported…

nathan: Got it, thank you.

nathan: Have a nice afternoon. Thank you for your help today.

Reena: May I have a little favor before we end this chat? It will mean so much to me.

Reena: Please take *5 seconds survey for me.

Reena: Thank you for stopping by to chat, I hope I did a good job at addressing your concerns. Please take a second to answer a one question survey about the service I provided. Please click the word “close” button on the top right of this screen and the survey will appear.

Reena: Thank you so much!

Reena: Have a great day!

Reena: Have a blessed day.


(I didn’t take the survey.  No need to shit on someone’s day and get them in trouble with a not-so-great job)

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