How To Surprise Your Loved Ones To Show Them Your Appreciation

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Whether you want to put a smile on your parent’s face or want to show your best of friends how much they mean to you, a nice surprise is an effective way to do so. A surprise could be a spontaneous meal or a small gift. Anything that shows them how much they mean to you can go a long way. 

On that note, here are some great ideas for those who want to surprise their loved ones and show them how much you appreciate them.


Jewelry is a lovely gift idea, as it can be for anyone. You can purchase a variety of jewelry to suit different styles. Hence, it is a gift idea that could put a smile on anyone’s face.

For instance, your best friend might have recently lost someone. Therefore, you want to make them smile and help them remember that person. Hence, you could get them Memorial & Keepsake Jewelry.

Or, you could celebrate your anniversary and surprise your partner with a beautiful necklace or bracelet. A small piece of jewelry is a great keepsake and a great way to treat someone.


Although flowers might seem a bit cliche, there isn’t anyone who wouldn’t smile at a beautiful bunch of flowers. No matter if the person has their own home or not, they will always have somewhere to display them – on the kitchen table, in their bedroom, or in the garden. 

If the person that you are surprising doesn’t have much inside space yet loves being outdoors, then you could choose an outside plant instead. Something with vibrancy and life is a nice way to freshen up someone’s life and add some color. 

A spontaneous meal-in

Although a meal out is nice and often the best way to feel like food is a treat, eating in can be just as nice. Making the meal yourself instead of paying for it shows that you want to put more thought into it. This is especially the case if you rarely cook for that person.

You could surprise your partner, your parent, or a group of friends. Spending time cooking for them before sitting down with them for a meal is a nice way to show a person how much they mean to you.

Write a letter

Speaking of hand-making your own surprise gifts and treats, a letter is a great way to show someone how much they mean to you. In the letter, you could share beautiful memories, which they could keep as a keepsake and always read from time to time to remember those memories.

Or, you could write down how you feel about the person.

Either way, writing a letter is a beautiful way to share with someone your thoughts and feelings, which they can keep and look back on.

If you have a great way with words or want to get creative, then you could write a poem or a story.

Give them a “me” day

Not enough of us give ourselves enough “me” time. Hence, you could surprise someone and treat them with a “me” day so that they can fully relax and have an excuse to pamper themselves. You could join in or let them be by themselves and book and organize everything for them.

You could treat them to a massage, nail treatments, or other beauty treatments.

Or, you could arrange activities that they love but never get time to do.

Either way, organizing a day where they can have fun or relax is a great way to help someone have some personal time, which they wouldn’t organize for themselves.

Deliver a treat 

You will know your loved ones as much as they know themselves. Hence, you will know what their favorite treats are (especially those that they do not often treat themselves to).

Whether it be donuts, cookies, or a gorgeous box of cheese and crackers, you could send them a treat and put a smile on their face.

Buy them breakfast

Having dinner with a loved one is special yet, some people might never go out for breakfast or brunch. Hence, buying a loved one breakfast could be an event that you don’t often get to do and therefore, will be a nice treat for them.

You could buy it and make it for them, in bed or at your house. Or, choose a nice breakfast spot and meet there at the weekend (what a great way to start a weekend!).

Make them something

Whether or not you are good at baking or arts and crafts, making someone something is often much more special and sentimental than sending them a pre-made gift.

You could spend an hour or two making them their favorite cake or creating a photo frame, which they can display in their home. Spending time making something will show someone how much you appreciate them.

Be their chauffeur for the day

If there is someone that often drives you around to help you out or walks everywhere, then you could be their chauffeur for the day.

You could offer to drive them to work and back, as opposed to them walking. Or, you could drive to the shops or wherever you are heading for the day, instead of relying on them to drive.

Buy them a drink

You might often take drinks purchasing in turns, whether it is a work colleague, your best friend, or your mum. However, buying them one more as a thank you is a nice way to show them that you want to thank them. You could want to thank them for helping out with a task or simply thank them for being great friends.

Either way, buying them a drink (tea, coffee, beer, cocktail) is a nice way to say thank you and show your loved one how much you appreciate them. A small gift like a drink can make a huge difference to someone’s day and put a smile on their face.

Photo by Klimkin, via Pixabay

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