The Definitive Guide to Living Life like James Bond

by | Jan 20, 2022 | Contributed Post

Action movies have been a part of our cinema-watching experience for decades. There’s nothing like a good spy movie, and James Bond is the best there is. In the last 50 years, we’ve seen six different actors play James Bond on screen. And while everyone has their favorite, from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, there are a few things that every iteration of the classic action hero has in common that anyone can incorporate into their lifestyle.  Living like James Bond in your everyday life isn’t necessarily about spying on evil masterminds or having fights to the death every other day, but about garnering respect from others and yourself in the way you live your life.  Here’s how:

Look The Part

One of the best ways to express yourself is by dressing like James Bond. If you want to dress up your look and feel like a sophisticated, suave man, then start with a three-piece suit. These jackets are traditionally black, but that doesn’t mean you can’t break tradition. Create your style with a tailored shirt and tie in contrast to the suit. A black hat completes the look.  Investing in a tailored suit might be an expensive decision. Still, it will benefit you for years, and looking the part is one step closer to feeling the part – to feeling like the sophisticated, confident character of Bond.  However, it’s fine to add your own twist to your style; just as each of the James Bond actors brought a unique spin to the character to revitalize him, you should feel free to make your style original and your own.

Live like James Bond

The thrill of living like James Bond starts at home with the comfort of a luxurious bachelor pad- and owning a fancy car only adds to the glamour of the Bond lifestyle.  However, not everyone can indulge in the expensive accessories Bond is associated with.  While owning an Aston Martin might be a dream, it doesn’t mean adding glamour to your own living space and car is impossible. Investing in the right car is crucial, as driving a smooth-running, reliable car is something that even Bond himself needs for surviving all of the high-speed chases he gets caught up in.  It’s a good idea to communicate with professionals when buying a reliable car, either in person or online on sites such as edmunds.  Meanwhile, to transform your living space into a deluxe bachelor pad, decorations within your home can go a long way –  such as keeping the color palette to one or two colors to create a modernized look.  You could also invest in lighting to create that familiar muted atmosphere of Bond’s home in films such as Spectre.

Learn New Skills

One thing that makes James Bond so iconic is his ability to adapt to whatever situation he may be in due to his surprising array of skills.  From sharpshooting to poker to his ability to speak multiple languages, he is multitalented, and his peers deeply respect him for this.  Learning new skills is something everyone can put effort into doing; this can help grow your confidence and feel just as powerful as Bond. For example, learning how to fight like James Bond is a valuable skill that you can use in many situations. Not only will it help you defend yourself if you’re attacked, but it will give you confidence when dealing with any challenges that may come your way.  Learning another language is also worth trying. It opens you up to more accessible communication with other foreign cultures and is a more effortless skill to hone in your spare time online or through phone apps.


Bond is one of the most loved and well-known characters of all time, and for a good reason. He’s got it all: charm, wit, intelligence, and a license to kill. But he also has something else, something that you can’t buy with money—he’s his own man.  Bond’s ability to demand respect through his lifestyle and variety of skills is something that everyone should try to emulate to improve themselves and be their own Bond.

Image by Cottonbro, via Pexels

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