On Saturday, September 7th, 2020, the Iowa Hawkeyes will take on the Rutgers Scarlet Knights at Kinnick Stadium.

This event will begin at 11:00 AM.

At the end of the first quarter, the newest (and in my opinion, best) tradition in college football will take place: the Iowa Wave. 70,000 people will turn and wave to kids in the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.

It is a moment of unity.

Not only do fans of both teams join in the moment, the opposing team lets down its defenses a moment and concedes that a child in a hospital is more important than destroying your foe.

ESPN called it college football’s “coolest new tradition.” News outlets across the nation have covered the event. People watch it and tear up; it’s a moment of genuine love. It shows humanity at its best, and part of the beauty is in its simplicity: a wave. A hand moving back and forth in acknowledgement. “I see you, and wish you health and well-being.”

After the game ends, the stadium empties. The children, however, remain in the hospital. Some of them face harsh roads ahead. Once they do make it out the other side, it’s a relief for the kids, their friends, and of course their family.

Transitions can be difficult. Some of them have gone through long-term treatment, and need help adapting back into the normalcy of an everyday life. They have missed large chunks of schooling; some will remain in outpatient care.

That’s where The Red Shamrock Foundation comes in.

The Red Shamrock Foundation provides assistance for survivors of pediatric cancer. Kids who have just fought the toughest fight of their life and might be spent emotionally, physically, and financially. Kids who may need school supplies, clothes, or something as simple as a sympathetic ear.

Eight hours after that Saturday, September 7th Hawkeye kickoff, the 10th Annual Comedy for Charity show will take place at The Mill, in Iowa City.

If the Iowa Wave moves you emotionally, I ask you to act on that emotion. Come out to a show about laughter and giving. Have a giggle while earning karmic bonus points at the same time.

Waving feels good; giving does good.

Every single penny collected at Comedy for Charity goes straight to the cause. Comedians volunteer their time; The Mill donates its space.

(The Mill, for the record, serves delicious food and adult beverages. If you’d like to thank the establishment for their kindness, buying dinner or a few drinks is a great way to do so.)

There’s no ticket price; everything is free will donation. Is $20 burning a hole in your pocket? Toss that in. Only have $5 to spare? That’ll work, too.  Give what you can; the more we raise, the more kids receive assistance. It’s that simple.

Kindness begets kindness, and if there’s one thing the world can always use more of, it’s love and generosity. So put your money where your wave is.

We’ll see you at The Mill, September 7, at 7 PM.

(Doors open at 6:30, so maybe show up then and get a good seat.)

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