So, how do you go about finding a comedian, let alone the right corporate comedian?

First off, Google is your friend. Start by Googling “Stand-up comedian in…” and fill in your state at the end.

Stand-up comedian in Iowa, stand-up comedian in Wisconsin, stand-up comedian in Nebraska…

You get the point, even thought I could go on and on.

(Forty-seven more times, if you’re keeping track.)

Anyway, it’s really that easy.

When you Google “Stand-up comedian in…” your state, what pops up are sites that compile comedians by location. This makes it easy for you to find someone regional, and therefore reasonably priced. When you hire someone from across the country, you start getting into travel and hotel fees, and those add up fast.

Now, when you see the list of comedians, you might see “Voted Best Comic…” by a few names.

This is a great sales pitch, but it’s also a title purchased by the comedian. You’re looking at advertising, not actuality. These compilation sites charge the comedian to be in their search results, which isn’t a bad thing by any means, but it does mean it’s time for you to do a small amount of research.

Pick a few of the comedians near you, and jot down their names. When you have three or four, visit their respective webpages.

Your eye will tell you right away whether or not the webpage is professional, or amateur. A first impression is important, and if theirs is poor, that tells you a lot.

From there, do they have a section labeled “Corporate Events?”

If they do, click it. If they don’t, that’s a red flag. You’re looking for someone who has the skills and the résumé to go with it. If a comedian isn’t advertising themselves in a professional manner, it stands to reason they might not be professional on stage in front of your clients.

Check out their testimonials; do they have a list of corporate clients who have said nice things about them? Give their corporate video playlist a view. Is the audience laughing? You’d be surprised how often comedians post videos filled with silent audiences.

Within a couple comics, you’ll find one that strikes your fancy. How do you book this comic?

Any comic worth their salt will have either “Contact Me,” “Booking,” or both listed on their webpage.

Reach out and ask them if they’re available, what they charge, and what they need to make the show happen.

If you come to an agreement, a good comic will have a contract template available. This gives you peace of mind, so you know you’re not being fleeced.

From there? Sit back, relax, and wait for your fun-filled evening. When said evening arrives? Sit back and laugh.

You’ve earned it.

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