I’m a comedian, which means I use words for a living. I also have a degree in English Literature, which means I know how to choose those words carefully, and for maximum effect. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean people always listen to what I’m saying. Sometimes they hear what they want to hear, which is enough for them.

Sunshine Saved My Life

My wife likes to joke that I have no soul, because I don’t cry. She, for the record, weeps at the drop of a hat: during movies, a commercial, while reading… She even cried at the birth of both our children, and seriously, who does that?

Do Not Go Gentle…

The problem with America—or maybe most people in the world—is that if given the option of being challenged, or catered to, the majority will choose “catered to.”

Gradient Change

I almost sat down to write another episode of, “People are Goddamned Annoying,” but as I started typing, I noticed something…

Fan Mail

When posting my last blog, I figured anyone with an IQ hovering around 100 would most likely be a little upset.
I was right.

Inside the Arrogant Mind

From the stage, with lights in my eyes, I was witness to only shadows. What I was able to discern was: shoving, followed by one of the women—a woman that could have easily played linebacker for the Oakland Raiders—swinging a hard fist, punching the manager in the face several times. Not enjoying the thrashing, the manager placed the woman into what looked like a full nelson.

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