Please stop.

You’re not helping the situation, and in fact are adding fuel to the ignorant and hateful fire being stoked by The Donald. Look at the kind of people you’re dealing with: Drumpf supporters. These are people that looked at Ted Cruz and said, “He’s not crazy enough.” Marco Rubio wasn’t dimwitted enough, and Ben Carson somehow not enough of a sociopath. You are literally dealing with the stupidest of stupid. The most racist of all racists.

What do you hope to accomplish by yelling at them?

You’re keeping Drumpf in the news; giving the media more nonsense to cover. The more violence a network has on the screen, the more eyeballs that tune in. The more eyeballs that tune in, the higher revenue networks receive via advertising revenue. They love conflict and are lapping it up. It’s not news, it’s dollars in their corporate pockets.

On the ground, you’re making Drumpf supporters feel justified in their hate. They’re already backed into a corner. Eight years of economic growth under an African-American president has had them growing ever more confused and enraged. They cannot wrap their head around the reality they face, and have been chomping at the bit for someone to give a voice to their anger. Drumpf feeds that anger as Pavlov did dogs. Drumpf uses disgusting phrases as his bell, and his sheep bleat their window-licking approval on command.

Reacting to the vitriol with disgust is normal, but when that disgust turns to full-on protest you are playing into Drumpf’s hands. Protest gives his supporters resolve. Instead, Drumpf and his ilk should be treated like a three-year-old throwing a temper tantrum, because that’s essentially what they are: children. Only with less emotional control and a collectively lower IQ than most toddlers.

Ignore them. They won’t go away until November, but at least you won’t be giving them what they want, which is attention.

Yelling louder than they do will not change their small minds or empty hearts. Quiet confidence is the way forward, not conflict. You cannot beat nor shout reason into stupid. Think of the reverse situation: does their hatred make you question your values? No? Then why shout back? All you’re doing is agitating them. In fact, as I started writing this note articles started popping up involving Drumpf supporters creating armed militias to protect themselves from “violent far-left agitators.”

Great. They’re armed, angry, and proudly ignorant. Not the best mix.

Instead of getting thrown out of Drumpf rallies or confronting Drumpf supporters outside arenas, let them have their moment. Your best protest comes at the ballot box. When they ultimately lose they will know they are the minority, not the silent majority.

Think of how much more satisfying it will be to laugh at and mock them when their hopes and dreams of an awful America based on bigotry and contempt are dashed, and the country is led by either a woman or a Jew.

My God.

They’ll probably have a collective stroke.

And the world will be a better place for it.

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