About Me

Hi. My name is Nathan. I’m a stand-up comedian, author, idiot, and father. I have a daughter and son, a doggie named “Kitty,” and a gender-confused cat named Simon. He thinks he’s a boy, but he’s a girl. Long story.

Oh, I’m also married. My wife is pretty awesome. She designed this whole website for me, and tolerates me. Which is saying a lot.

I’m not sure which Google search term brought you here —comedy, military comedian, “tantric sex video” (Google Analytics tells me that phrase actually landed someone on my page, once), etc.—but I’m glad you found me.

I’ve been slinging jokes for 15 years, have performed in most of the 50 United States, and in fun locales like Iraq and Afghanistan for American troops stationed far from home (they laughed, but said the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders were prettier to look at).

Getting Around

So, you’re here. Now what? Well, you can read my blog, watch a few videos, check out the books I’ve written, or browse and share memes.

You can also listen to my weekly comedy podcast, Idiots on Parade: The Too Ugly for TV Podcast. Click the Idiots on Parade badge down below. Just remember to minimize the screen and mute the speakers when the boss is coming.

To book me, ask about my upcoming shows/available dates, or if you just want to say “Hi,” shoot me a message on the Contact page. I promise to say “Hi” back, and/or answer any question I can. As long as it’s not too difficult, like: “Where do babies come from?”

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