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My newest book, Hey Buddy… Dubious Advice from Dad, is available for purchase, both as a real, live, hold-it-in-your-hands paperback, and as a digital download on the Kindle.

What’s it about? Let’s take a gander at the back cover description:

Every father wants to protect his children from making the same mistakes he made, and comedian Nathan Timmel is no exception.

In his follow-up to It’s OK to Talk to Animals, Nathan shares life’s most important lessons with his toddler son. No topic is off the table as Nathan writes about everything: racism, rape, heartache, selecting (and respecting) a mate, the struggles of being a stand-up comedian, parenting in the age of cellphones, and how not to wish someone “Happy Birthday” on Facebook.

In between the laughter, insights, and cringe-worthy moments, you’ll bear witness to poignant and important lessons for men both little and large.

Well that sounds inherently readable, doesn’t it? I think you should click that big blue button right there and pick up (or download) a copy, now.

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