A Night Alone

September 16, 2013, was a milestone for Hillary Fine Timmel. That morning was the first time she ever woke up with neither her mother nor her father in the house she knew as home. I had been in Chattanooga the night before and was doing my best to return to her side....

Reflections on Year One

There is a scene in A Fish Called Wanda where John Cleese is wooing Jamie Lee Curtis. He comically dances around the first floor of a flat in London, doing a striptease and speaking Russian—foreign languages are a fetish for the Jamie Lee Curtis character—as she...

A Chance Encounter

Invisible bonds exist between certain people, such as that between members in the military or those that tie a family together, and one such connection is present between mothers.

The Best Worst Parent

There are things you know you shouldn’t do, yet you do them anyway. Case in point: upon getting my infant daughter Hillary out of her crib recently, I realized I had to do some #1 business in the bathroom.

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