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Sure, anyone can make words on a screen. And anyone can yap into a microphone. But how many can do both?
He Gives Me “Kisses” With the Same Tongue

He Gives Me “Kisses” With the Same Tongue

As a comedian, I drive quite often; January-to-April 2011 saw me put over 12,000 miles on my car. Sometimes I get two oil changes in one month. (And I drive a Toyota, which recommends oil changes every 5,000 miles) On occasion, my travels take me through Madison,...

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A Trifecta of Failure

My Mrs. has been going through a fairly stressful few weeks, with one event enough to send my mind wandering down a path of confused questioning: why are morally superior people usually anything but? In most situations, the arrogant person has an unjust ego feeding their self-esteem, using a belief or skill that has been inflated to idiotic levels. I will cite three examples from my dumb life in explanation.

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