Sure, anyone can make words on a screen. And anyone can yap into a microphone. But how many can do both?


There is something incredibly powerful and humbling about being able to pacify an infant simply by giving it the skin-to-skin contact of your hand. A baby may not know much, but it knows warmth, and love.

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An Ogre By Any Other Name

I’m heading to Minot, North Dakota, this weekend, which had me recalling a moment from years and years ago. I was in Bismarck on a Tuesday night, because someone thought Tuesday Night comedy would be a good idea.

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I’m a comedian, which means I use words for a living. I also have a degree in English Literature, which means I know how to choose those words carefully, and for maximum effect. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean people always listen to what I’m saying. Sometimes they hear what they want to hear, which is enough for them.

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