Sure, anyone can make words on a screen. And anyone can yap into a microphone. But how many can do both?

The Best Worst Parent

There are things you know you shouldn’t do, yet you do them anyway. Case in point: upon getting my infant daughter Hillary out of her crib recently, I realized I had to do some #1 business in the bathroom.

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A Little Something About Alec Baldwin

When I lived in Los Angeles, I worked in the arena of property representation for film projects. The company that employed me acted as a liaison between working properties—office buildings, abandoned warehouses/hospitals, private parks, etc.—and TV/film productions...

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A Self-Inflicted Wound

I recently had the dubious honor to work in a state where legislators and voters both still think it’s 1950. Smoking is apparently “awesome,” and of course it’s allowed indoors…

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Head Desk

I don't know how many times I have to say this; I think I'm about to pop a blood vessel in my head. Right now, there are two instances in the news where an adult woman has "Sexually Assaulted" a teenage boy: former Tennessee Titans cheerleader Elizabeth Leigh Garner,...

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A Little Ditty About Death

“The hand that killed your sons masturbates to the memory.” ~T.J. Lane, to the families of his murder victims. I remember seeing the film Dead Man Walking in the theater. Designed to be an anti-death penalty movie, it told the fictional tale of a man played by Sean...

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