Life After Having a Baby: Can You Still Be Intimate With Your Partner?

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Intimacy is important for couples. Being close to one another and showing your love for your partner helps to create a stronger relationship. However, once you have a child, do things take a turn for the worse? Does having a baby in the relationship make it difficult to still be intimate?

This is a genuine concern for a lot of people. It can feel like becoming a parent removes the possibility of you and your partner becoming intimate. Thankfully, the reality is far from that and it’s still completely possible for couples to continue being intimate even after having a child. While going out together and spending some quiet time becomes a little more difficult, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Sexual feelings after having a baby

After a woman gives birth, it can feel like they might never want to have sex again. Thankfully, sexual interest does return after a while and they can even rely on the morning after pill to ensure that they don’t get pregnant again. Relationships will eventually get back on track, and while you will occasionally need to pay some attention to a crying baby, it doesn’t mean that you and your partner can never be intimate ever again.

It’s said that it takes roughly one to three months for your sexual interest to return. For some, it takes a bit longer, and for others, it might just be a few weeks. Either way, don’t be too concerned if your relationship feels a bit different after introducing a child to your life.

Spending time together after having a baby

Another concern that couples have is that they can’t spend more time together once they have a baby. Going out on dates becomes virtually impossible because you need to look after your child, and you can forget about going on holiday anywhere abroad. This is just something you’ll have to accept as a couple. If you decide to have a baby, then you need to take responsibility and look after them, meaning you can’t just decide to go on a holiday and leave your child with a friend or family member.

However, once your child does reach a certain age, there’s no reason why you can’t take your baby along with you. Sure, it might not be the private holiday retreat that you and your partner want, but it’s better than just leaving your child in the care of someone else. Some couples find the idea of going on a holiday with their baby to be exciting, and plenty of airlines will accommodate couples that want to bring a baby onto a plane.

Some final words

To conclude, the idea that having a baby removes intimacy from a relationship is completely untrue. There are plenty of opportunities for you and your partner to continue enjoying each other’s company. While it takes a bit more planning and consideration because your baby is around, don’t completely rule out the possibility of spending more time together.

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