After selling tens of copies of my first book, I had at least three people ask, “When is the next one coming out?” Three years and two months later, boom: new book.


From the back cover:

First steps, first word, first time pooping in the bathtub… as a stand-up comedian, Nathan Timmel missed numerous milestones during the first year of his daughter’s life. Traveling from town to town, he spent his night slinging jokes while his daughter Hillary discovered the world around her. 

As she turned one, Nathan vowed to be a part of her life even when far from home. Writing a letter a week, Nathan tells his toddler where he is and tries to give context to her world: why Daddy travels, why a baby brother or sister isn’t the end of the world, and the importance of dismantling the pharmacy section at Target.

It’s OK to Talk to Animals (and Other Letters from Dad) is a touching, funny, and introspective glimpse into a comedian-turned-father’s hopes for—and apologies to—his baby girl.

Amazon Readers Say:

  • “This is an incredibly open, joyous, poignant, and charming series of letters from a dad to his little angel, and will melt your heart.”
  • “Nathan’s humor, writing style and genuine adoration for his family makes this a great read.”
  • “One day, if I become a parent, I feel this will be the first book I will pick up before any baby manual.”

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