Don't take my word for it. Take theirs.

When one of my doormen has to leave the showroom because he’s laughing so hard, I know I’ve got a good comedian on stage.

Dave DeCaro, Manager, Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle, Royal Oak MI

Nathan’s comedy performance was one of the best we’ve ever hosted at JPAC. The audience loved the show and were laughing the entire set. Nathan’s humor is honest, relatable and definitely hilarious. Heard from many audience members that it was an A+ professional comedy show and it made them feel like they were at a Chicago comedy club.

Nathan Burkart, Executive Director, Janesville Performing Arts Center, Janesville WI

The better a comedian is, the more skeletons in they have in their closet. That said, I would hate to look in Nathan Timmel’s closet… A lot of nice suits, and gut wrenching trauma. The crowd loved him.

Zach, Manager Level 2 Comedy Club, Fargo ND

To bookers, agents, and anyone in the stand up comedy business: Nathan Timmel is one of the most relentless comedians to ever contact me for work. After seeing numerous positive quotes from club owners across the country, I finally decided to give him a shot. I’m glad I did; Nathan was funny on stage and professional off. Customers had a great time while he performed, and I plan on bringing him back soon. I am sorry I did not book him sooner, as you will be if you don’t find room for him on your schedule.”

Michael Alfano, Owner/Booker The Comedy Catch, Chattanooga TN

“Nathan was a big hit at our first comedy charity event. I received dozens of positive comments from those who attended, and several shared that our fundraising event ranks in the top three that they have ever attended in Rochester.  Nathan was fantastic and kept everyone laughing. I would recommend Nathan to anyone without hesitation.”

Debbie Eddy, Community Engagement Manager, Alzheimer’s Association of Southern Minnesota

“Regardless of age, race, or gender, Nathan Timmel’s show is not to be missed.  His common sense look at our world is almost as eye opening as it is hilarious. If you didn’t think we are stupid, lazy, & over protective people, this vegetarian of 20 years will soon convince you otherwise.  He deserves to be noticed.”

Mark Klampe, Owner, Goonie’s Comedy Club, Rochester, MN

“Nathan Timmel brings an original twist to common experiences and thoughts.  You’re often caught off-guard when he seems to hit below the belt on various topics.  Then, you realize he makes a point as he makes you laugh.  He’s refreshingly unpredictable!”

Samara B. Palubiski, Booking Agent The Comedy Cafe Milwaukee, Skyline Comedy Cafe Appleton

“Not only do audiences have a great time, but off stage Nathan does everything he can to help the business; sending posters, keeping a mailing list for return clients… solid all the way around. And he doesn’t try to fuck our waitresses.”

Erik Hawkinson, Owner/Booker Loonee’s Comedy Corner, Colorado Springs CO

“In over 30 years of a USPS career, this is the first time I’ve seen anyone (Mr. Timmel) miraculously transform a large group of postal employees into completely enthralled, laughing-noisily, delighted party people!  I received countless compliments, including one from an Association Board Officer!”

Nancy Ouverson, Convention Co-Chair, Iowa Rural Letter Carriers’ Association

“We were delighted with our experience of having Nathan Timmel entertain our group at the annual company Holiday party. In a room full of people with varying preferences and personalities, Nathan had no problem putting a smile on everyone’s face. We had a great time and would definitely invite him back. We recommend him highly for any event that you’d like to incorporate laughter!”

Nancy Herold, TriTech Software Systems

“If you have not heard Nathan Timmel, you are missing a GREAT show. Nathan put together a fundraiser for us (English River Outfitters …. Veterans Reaching Out to Veterans) and it was HUGE success. Nathan is a 100% patriot and really supports our troops/veterans. Thank You Nathan for a truly hilarious show…I can’t express enough what it means to us; I can’t wait to work with you on another fundraiser.”

Chuck Geertz, Owner English River Outfitters

“…Timmel blends childhood anecdotes, current events and combustible social commentary into an entertaining, provocative and occasionally anarchistic highball.”

LaughSpin CD Review

“I had the pleasure of escorting, meeting and chatting with over 60 celebrities last summer and autumn and I would recommend Nathan Timmel over every single one.”

Captain Ryan Olsen, USAF, From a tour in Iraq, 2010

“You had the bartenders laughing so hard they stopped serving people.”

Kat Jackson, Volunteer, Comedy for Charity St. Baldrick’s Event

“You were absolutely fantastic.  After the show everyone was coming up and asking who you were.  Definitely got the entire crowd going, not just a few.  From start to finish it was like boom, boom, boom.  No question we are going to want you back.  Next time we’ll even provide the crates and microphone.”

Jason Reinke, Owner Reinke Entertainment/Back Alley Comedy

Clean, drinkable Costa Rican water

“Book Nathan Timmel. It’s that simple. If you’re in the comedy business, Nathan is a MUST. From the moment he took the stage he was in total control of the room. A venue owners worst nightmare, PA troubles, didn’t slow him down or cause him to miss a beat. Professional as they come. Nathan Timmel can have the microphone (next time one without a bad cord) at our venue anytime he likes. I judge a comics performance on how many people leave their seat during the show (a good show is 25 -30 %) we had 114 in attendance, 3 (less than 3%) people left their seat during the entire show.  AMAZING . Peace.”

Bob G., Owner, The Stockyard, Wayland Iowa

“Nathan rocked the house!  The crowds loved him.  He’s funny, professional, and reliable.  What more could you ask for?”

Ken Reed, Owner/Booker The Joke Joint, Minneapolis, MN

“I’m always jazzed when Nathan Timmel is heading the bill because I know that not only is the audience in for one wild ride, but that I’m going to have a blast too. People expect to see something special happen at a stand-up show and Timmel delivers every time. He is a top-notch headliner.”

John Peterman, Comedy Manager, Dubh Linn Irish Brew Pub, Duluth, MN

“Nathan, you are the best, most honest, hard-working, and talented comedian out there. I loved your show. I can’t wait to have you back and I recommend you highly.”

Pete, Owner/Booker The Funny Stop, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

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“I thank you for a truly original and provocative comedy show.  I find most comedians funny but all seem much the same with a bit of personal touch. All comedians are funny in their own   style, but their topics are always far too predictable and merely a twist on old subject matter.   Mr. Timmel, your show on the other hand was completely original and one of the most provocative and memorable comedy shows it has been my pleasure to host or to have been in attendance of.  Your show came from the deep backyard of virgin territory, and while you tap-danced the borderline, you kept me and the audience dumbfounded and choking on laughter.  If anybody was ever meant to stand before a crowd of people and talk it is you, and even thought you are without a doubt a SICK PUPPY, you’re a damn funny one. It was truly a pleasure to have you here and hope we cross paths again.”

Kurt Iseda, Entertainment Coordinator, Fleet Activities Dept. of the Navy

“I’d been trying to get this young jokeslinger in my room for a couple of years. His edgy, sometimes dark, but always hilarious and relevant material coupled with a charismatic stage presence sets Nathan apart from the rest of the pack. Can’t wait to have him back!”

Roger Feeny, Owner/Booker Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase, Ann Arbor, MI

“Nathan Timmel is one of those rare talents who can take thinking man’s humor and story-tell it in such a way that everyone relates and enjoys. A great job for us, highly entertaining, the audience was delighted, and Nathan is welcome back here anytime he wants!  Hire him! UNLESS it conflicts with OUR dates!”

Harvey Boyd, Permanent Host, Booker & Owner, Harvey’s South Street Comedy Club, Jackson, TN

“Dear Mr. Timmel: Thank you so much for the wonderful show you did for our fundraiser. People are still talking about the fun they had that evening.”

Jennifer Johnson, RN IBCLC St. Mary’s Medical Center, Green Bay, WI

“Nathan has original material that is well written and FUNNY. You do not get those three things often in a comic.”

Jeff Johnson, Owner/Booker, Penguins Comedy Club, Cedar Rapids IA

Flying over Iraq

“Got your CD in the mail yesterday; listened to it this morning. Great way to start a Sunday! Church is going to have to work hard to top it.”

Major Robert M., U.S. Army

“When I saw you perform at The Funny Bone (Des Moines), I knew you’d be perfect for our fundraiser. ‘Outstanding!‘ ‘A great storyteller,‘ and ‘two thumbs up!‘ are just some of the raves I‘ve heard about your show so far, and I keep getting major kudos for bringing you here.”

Beth Davis, Chairman Appanoose County Heart Committee, Iowa

“For our Christmas party this year, we wanted to do something different than the usual meal at work and gift exchange to follow.  A friend suggested a catered meal at the nearby Stockyards in Wayland, Iowa, and entertainment by comedian Nathan Timmel–what a great evening!  Nathan had a way of talking to the crowd as if he knew us personally (sometimes very personally :) and had people roaring with laughter most of the time.  We had great comments from our team members and true appreciation for giving them a fun night out.  Hope we can do it again next year!”

Chris Marshall, Executive Director, Halcyon House, A WesleyLife Community

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“I was listening to Raw Dog on Sirius Radio and heard your insightful set.  I have always felt that gay rights issues and illegal immigrant issues are just the Government’s attempts at confusing the real issues plaguing this country like health care, housing and, of course,the war in Iraq.  As a teacher, I am always searching for a new way of showing the stupidity of the country’s obsession with these non-issues, and you put the spotlight on them in a manner that is easy for even the most simple minded to understand.”

Bob F., Schoolteacher and Fan, New York, NY

“When I heard you on The Bob & Tom Show, I knew I wanted you to headline my Comedy For Charity event and our fundraiser to combat leukemia and lymphoma.  Mr. Timmel, the numerous positive reviews I’ve heard from those who attended the event is right in line with the laughter and applause I heard that night.  I can’t wait to turn this into an annual event, and I hope you’ll be a part of it for years to come.”

Greg F., Even Organizer, LLS Comedy for Charity

“Nathan is funny on a level that words can’t describe. His humor is cleaner than your typical comic and yet funnier–that’s a very rare thing to find these days. Top it off with the fact he’s one of the most pleasurable guys to work with and you’ll instantly know he’s heading for great things.”

Alecia Kohrs, Manager The Funny Bone, Dayton, Ohio

“Nathan is a tremendous talent who never fails to show a crowd a great time. He uses witty banter and insightful quips to keep those in the seats ready and waiting for more. Requests by the audience for Nathan’s return came no sooner than the close of each of his show. We’re excited to have Nathan back again soon!”

Adam Webber, Owner/Booker at Laugh, Bloomington IL

“I have seen Nathan in front of varied audiences and have challenged him to work different styles.  I have seen him entertain an early audience with clean material, then shift gears for the late night audience expecting adult substance.  If you are looking for a seasoned performer who respects the art of stand-up comedy, check Nathan out.”

Andy Kulakowski, General Manager Improv Comedy Club, San Jose, CA

“Nathan Timmel… A little wacked… A little off center… brings the laughs in a BIG way to his audience.  Timmel is rock solid on his timing and delivery. One very funny cat.”

Joe T., Director of Operations, The Comedy Club, Webster, NY

I believe I can fly

“Just before a two-man show, the headliner got lost on the way to the club.  Nathan saved us and performed for over 50 minutes!  The crowd loved each and every minute Nathan was on stage.”

Janet George, General Manager The Funny Bone, Mishawaka, IN

“The great thing about Nathan is that I’m guaranteed audiences always leave my club smiling after having had a great time with Nathan.  I say with because he draws them in with his very relatable stories, makes them his friends and then knocks ’em dead.  And to top it off, he’s a real pro to work with.”

Kirk Bogos, Owner/Booker Bogey’s Comedy Club, Willoughby Hills, OH

“Nathan’s approach to comedy appeals to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.  Whether talking about the relationships he thought he’s had or world tours, Nathan knows how to entertain any crowd.  His original, unique point of view makes him a quality comedian and I recommend him highly.”

Joey Kulakowski, Retired GM Funny Bone Comedy Club, Fairview Heights, IL

“Nathan Timmel’s brain operates on a different level than most comics.  I feel pride knowing that it all started here in this club. Everybody starts at that bottom and not all make it to the top.  Nathan is this exception. Idiots will not get most of the jokes, but they will still laugh, as idiots do.  His personality is second to none and isn’t afraid to invite a manager to lunch with him and his wife.  I still had to pay though….”

Joe Buettner, Manager, The Comedy Club on State, Madison, Wisconsin


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