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Only Slightly Offensive
CD: Only Slightly Offensive

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T-shirt: Support Our Troops

Features “Send these guys over instead” on the back, with a gang-banger riding a camel and a prisoner looking for land mines.

Price:  $25.00
Sizes:  Adult Medium, Adult Large, Adult XL

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Timmel-Tshirts_27T-shirt: Old School

Show the world you were raised properly. You got hurt, but you learned important life lessons.

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just the tipT-shirt: Just the Tip

It’s everyone’s favorite game. Put it in a little, take it out a lot. Who doesn’t have fun doing that?

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photoBumper Sticker: All Cops Suck C**k

The world’s best revenge. A bumper sticker you don’t put on your car. Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend got you down? Slap this on their back bumper and smile.

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