Will it Play in Iowa?

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“Yes, but will it play in Iowa?”

It’s an age-old question.

Hollywood used it to determine whether or not a TV show or movie would be a hit, and politicians asked it to gauge whether or not their pitch to the presidency was working. In a larger context, the meaning is “Will what I’m selling play in Middle America?”

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Why I don’t trust the media

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Years ago, 60 Minutes ran a segment on Dan Whitney.

They followed him around his farm, showed clips of him on tour, and listened to him wax philosophic on… well, nothing, really. They just let him toss out quips here and there, which was apparently enough for their journalistic integrity.

Right now, you might be wondering, “Um, who is Dan Whitney?”

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How Omar Mateen’s Parents Failed Him

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I was twelve when I first learned about homosexuality.

My family was on vacation in Provincetown, Massachusetts; we were visiting my uncles, Joel and Ray. The thing is, only Joel was a blood relation to my father.

In Provincetown, a Gay Mecca during the summer months, I saw men holding hands with men and women holding hands with women. Suddenly the idea both Joel and Ray were my dad’s brother didn’t hold much weight.

So, homosexuality was explained to me, and that was that. I shrugged, and everyone went on with their life.

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Donald Trump Finally Scares Me

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When The Donald announced he was running for president, I laughed.

Hell, I think everyone did. The media, late night talk show hosts, foreign leaders… it was a joke. Who would ever vote for a reality TV show host? A male Sarah Palin? A failed businessman who leases his name because his personal ventures flop? (Not that the industries he licenses’ his name to don’t flop as well, he just doesn’t lose money when those fail.)

When he started winning, I shrugged. America has huge problems with racism, sexism, and homophobia, so him pandering to the dumbest of the dumb and succeeding didn’t surprise me. Early on, yeah, I expected him to do well.

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An Open Letter to Trump Protesters

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Please stop.

You’re not helping the situation, and in fact are adding fuel to the ignorant and hateful fire being stoked by The Donald. Look at the kind of people you’re dealing with: Drumpf supporters. These are people that looked at Ted Cruz and said, “He’s not crazy enough.” Marco Rubio wasn’t dimwitted enough, and Ben Carson somehow not enough of a sociopath. You are literally dealing with the stupidest of stupid. The most racist of all racists.

What do you hope to accomplish by yelling at them?

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I Was a White Knight… Once

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