A Nose for all that is Unholy

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The most difficult thing to do when writing is to translate a personal moment into something with universal appeal. Case in point: in my opinion, the funniest things in life are not jokes everyone can relate to—“OMG, isn’t traffic crazy??”—no, gut-busting laughter usually comes from a memory shared between two (or several) people, an event so specific that the mere mention of what happened sends all involved into uncontrolled hysterics.

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I Was a White Knight… Once

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Amazon.com Readers Say

  • “This book makes you cry and smile, and at times, you just want to seek him out and give [Nathan] a great big hug.”
  • “Humorous, uplifting, and wonderfully tragic.”
  • “His writing is genuine, authentic, unabashedly honest and replete with engaging imagery.”
  • “[A] truthfully humble, amazing read.”
  • “This book was like the therapist I never had. Timmel has a great insight to the world we could all learn from.”
  • “There is nothing better than a book that ignites an emotional response and creates nostalgia. This book did both.”
  • “By the time I finished I felt I had gained a friend, one who made me laugh, cry, and look into myself.”
  • “All in all, the author makes a journey, and one that this book takes with elegance and heart.”
  • “Timmel delivers the truth in all of its beauty, all of it’s sadness, and all of it’s unpolished splendor.”

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I Was a White Knight… Once is also available for the Sony Reader, and will soon be available for download as an mp3 Audio Book.


Faith and Courage

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On October 3rd, 1992, I watched as Sinead O’Connor tore up a picture of Pope John II on Saturday Night Live. It was an act of protest against child abuse; she stated the Church of Ireland knew molestation was occurring within its walls, yet was doing nothing to protect children.

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Epilogue to an Unwritten Story


It’s 4:12 in the morning on February 6th, and I’m lying in bed confused. Not in a bad or frightening way, but more a bemused, problem-solving fashion.

I have no idea where I am.

This has happened to me before after bouts of intense travel combined with hyper-exhaustion, so I’m used to the feeling. I just need to take a moment and gather my bearings is all.

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Aliens in my Elbows

“I won’t see Mission Impossible 4, because if I do my money supports Scientology.” ~Random Internet Fella

“Yeah, but you saw New Years Eve, which means your money supported Christians, Jews, and bad filmmaking. Of the three, bad filmmaking is the worst, because I don’t really see much of a difference between Scientology, Christianity, or Judaism.” ~My Response

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‘Tis the Season to be Selfish

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You’d think giving money to charity would be easy—especially in the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas; the holiday season—but you would be mistaken. In a day and age where mysterious benefactors pay off layaway balances at department stores and food banks receive volunteers and donations, there are still those who just don’t see anything beyond their own selfish interests…

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