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Comedian. Author. Idiot.

I've been doing stand up for almost 15 years around the U.S. and the world, including internationally for our troops stationed overseas. My newest 2 CDs are in rotation on SiriusXM and Pandora Radio. I work comedy clubs around the country, so request me at your local club to see me in person. To book me for a show or for a list of upcoming shows, shoot me a message on the Contact page.

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Frozen Moments

“And this will be, the one thing we remember.” ~ OK Go My son is two-and-a-half years old. His favorite song is The One Moment, by OK Go. I have to sing it to him every night before bed, like a lullaby. If it comes on when we’re in the car, he shouts “Color Band!”—his


Tortoise Fight!

My 2.5-year-old son got sick during the trip, because getting sick is what he does, so the Mrs. took him to one of the clinics and said it kind of freaked the doctor out. He was used to seeing octogenarians who wanted their Medical Marijuana prescriptions renewed.


The Problem With La La Land

Think of the best musical of all time: Singing in the Rain. That alone has three songs you can hum right off the top of your head. There’s the title track, Make ‘Em Laugh, and Good Morning. Catchy, toe-tapping masterpieces, all of them.


The Teardown

Then the knives came out….


Donald Trump: America’s Mirror

“Donald Drumpf does not represent the America I know.” It’s a quote I’ve been hearing (and seeing) a lot. In conversations, on social media; people are stunned that someone who ran a campaign based on racism could capture the presidency. It makes me wonder what America they’re speaking of.


Dear Successful People: Shut Up About Finding Happiness Already

Do you think you’d be happy if you had a wife and kids you couldn’t provide for because you didn’t have millions of dollars in the bank?


D.I.Y. (But Only if Famous)

What makes you, a nobody, think you can do this on your own? Why are you ignoring the powers that be?


An Open Letter to the DNC

Don’t fracture your base by being so humorless, Dems. Your downfall hurts everyone.


The Nancy-Pantsing of America

Every gap is gone; any sense of wonder or fear disappeared.


Hearts & Minds

Ignore everything but emotion.


Television Blue Balls

Hollywood doesn’t apologize. It does what it wants and moves on.


Light Reading & Life Lessons

I read the words aloud before fully realizing what they said. And then I paused. And then a wide smile spread across my face and I started laughing.


Why I Married a Feminist

I’m comfortable enough in my own skin to be married to a strong, intelligent woman.


Colin Kaepernick Sat Down and I Don’t Give A Shit

Who is doing more to raise awareness of racial inequality in America, Donald Drumpf, or Colin Kaepernick?


The Modern Age of Comedy

“No one scouts open microphones looking for talent anymore. All that matters is how many Twitter or Instagram followers you have.”


The Powerful Powerless

As a comedian, I have a rare job. I stand on stage under a spotlight, and hold a microphone that amplifies my words…


Are Heckler Videos Hurting Comedy?

Comedians are on stage to express themselves; we have ideas, and we want those ideas to generate laughter.


Two Horrible Shows

I’m often asked two questions: what’s your favorite show; what’s your least favorite show?


Is Empathy Dead?

After every tragedy, the Internet is where people express empathy, understanding, and unfortunately, ignorance and anger.


How Omar Mateen’s Parents Failed Him

Everyone is talking about gun control, ISIS, homophobia, and radical Islam. Why is no one talking about Omar Matten’s parents?


Donald Trump Finally Scares Me

When Dick Cheney and Rick Santorum like someone, that person is a dumpster-fire of a human being.


Dear Walmart Woman

If we were in line next to one another at a store, you would be outraged if you heard me say: “This is why you eat right and exercise, so you don’t get fat.”


Neal Gabler Doesn’t Speak for the American Middle Class

Tales of fuckuppery shouldn’t be championed as an assessment of what is happening to society at whole.


Dear Drunk Woman: A Comedian Apologizes

You might want to stop reading now, because that’s all that should be said. Apologies are supposed to stand on their own.


An Audience of Seventeen Soldiers

In October, 2005, I traveled to Afghanistan.


Trump is the Perfect Republican Candidate

Drumpf is a blowhard, but he’s not a believer.


It’s Getting Harder to Watch the NFL

When Jay Cutler signed his multimillion dollar contract, I laughed.


An Open Letter to Trump Protesters

Look at the kind of people you’re dealing with: Drumpf supporters. These are people that looked at Ted Cruz and said, “He’s not crazy enough.”


How Guilt Made Me a Better Father

Why had I let her meltdown, allowing her to cry and lose control of her emotions instead of just reading the book in the first place? Was I trying to be a firm-hand parent? Saying no for the sake of no?


An Idea Called Closure

Being cheated on was the best thing to ever happen to me.


Using Disney to Explain Death

“Orv is all gone.”


Cam Newton Has Opened My Eyes

Cam Newton recently said his race plays a role in why some people don’t like him…


Health Care for Profit

As a collective, society was rightfully outraged when Martin Shkreli raised the price of a drug from $13.50 to $750; why aren’t we outraged by the day-to-day fleecing we face?


The Dangers of Mollycoddling

Right now, I suspect a mother is out there talking about me. I say that, because I am about to talk about her…


Why Marriages Fail

Marriage is work. Hard. Work.


Top 10 2015 Films

“Hey, dummy, you only saw nine films. And you’re cheating by putting three of them in the #1 slot.”’


Will Star Wars Make Me A Better Father?

I have read that no matter how old children get, parents always view them through the lense of nostalgia.


Why I Love Co-Sleeping

Somewhere around the time my daughter turned two, she figured out how to turn a doorknob…


The Politics of Comedy

Several years ago, I received an email from Comedy Booking Inc…


An Emotionless Response to Tragedy

At this point, shootings are as prevalent a news segment as the weather, or sports. Soon we’ll tune in and hear it read in a calm voice; “Today in shooting updates…”


A History of Shame

I wore red underpants today and the world didn’t end. Now I have to wear red underpants every day to keep saving the planet.


Be Who You Are

I am a Honkey. Or “Cracker-American,” if we’re being politically correct.


Goodbye, Cellular Babies

Tinder is based on swiping left or right on a snap judgment. That’s what this felt like: Tinder for Parenting. To put it bluntly: I’d swear the first list of offerings we saw was straight from the “People of Wal Mart” website.


Thank You, Preston Lacy

Rodney Dangerfield said he didn’t get any respect.


I’m in Love with Honey Lemon

My wife and I each have a “Celebrity Safety List.” If you’re not familiar, it’s one to five people you’re allowed to sleep with outside the confines of your marriage.


Man Up, Michael Sam

I know comedians who practice their set while looking in a mirror, but you can only cut your comedy teeth in front of audiences. Just like you cut your football teeth on the field.


Packing the Grocery Bag: It’s Not Rocket Science

If I buy an avocado, a box of cereal, and a yogurt, I’ll walk out with the avocados in one bag, the cereal in another, and the yogurt in a third. All would have fit nicely in one bag, but nope. It’s as if Big Plastic went in and bribed the cashiers to use more product.


Don’t Throw Dad Under the Breastfeeding Bus

Even though nursing has been scientifically (and repeatedly) proven the best way to feed a baby, there are legitimate reasons not to do it.


Go Home Pandora, You’re Drunk

To say The Police is like Kansas would be akin to saying Bernie Sanders and Sarah Palin are the same, because they’re both politicians.


Why Bernie Sanders Won’t Win

Repeated studies show humans pass judgment on one another within fractions of a second.