Fan Mail

When posting my last blog, I figured anyone with an IQ hovering around 100 would most likely be a little upset.

I was right.

This comment was left, awaiting my approval, by a kindly stranger from somewhere on the internets…

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You are so full of shit it is not at all funny.  Fuck you very much.  I don’t need the huge increase in monthly cost I am going to see under Obamacare.  That extra cash isn’t going to feed those kids you are whining about, it will give some illegal alien free health care.  Screw you in the anus with that sandpaper covered baseball bat for being so blind to reality.”

I almost posted it on the blog proper, but after thinking it over, figured giving it my full attention would be more fun.

It has been said you can determine a lot about someone’s character using something they’ve written, so I’m going to glean what I can from this snippet they offered and make a judgment call.

I would say this person is: brave, smart, and compassionate.

Let’s break that assessment down.

  • Brave

By posting anonymously, they really showed the mettle of their character. They stood up, said, “This is what I believe!” and made sure not to leave a name or valid email address to back it up.

Noble! Self-assured! Confident! These words well-describe the brave souls of the Internet.

  • Smart

Instead of challenging my post on any factual grounds, this person went straight into untruths and insults. If the person currently has no health insurance, then yes, under Obamacare they will have a new monthly expense. But hey, they’ll also have… *drum roll* Health insurance!

Otherwise, nope! You won’t be paying more. Across the board rates have been dropping. I’m sure there are a select very, very few who will see an odd increase, but that is as rare as a freshly dead cow.

As to the illegal aliens getting free health care from the new legislation, that’s pretty hilarious. Or, sad, actually, if you take into account the person who wrote that probably votes, and thus does so in a manner that suggests a great hatred for America. It was Mittens Romney who said the uninsured can “Go to the emergency room” if they need help, and that’s exactly what illegal immigrants do now. It both clogs up the emergency rooms, and, as a lovely bonus, gives taxpayers a lovely hit to the pocketbook.

(Because guess who picks up the tab after the illegals leave the ER)

Either way, no. No illegal immigrants will not suddenly get free health care on your dime.

  • Compassionate

My last blog was written from a point of great anger regarding the thought of any child going hungry in America. This wonderfully caring person summed up that concept using the words, “those kids you are whining about.”

Obviously this person is someone well on their way to Sainthood.

I bet the author of that note has a lot of friends, everyone at work loves them, and they exist inside a very loving relationship.

Boy, I sure do hope they never get cancer.

Of the rectum.




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