I Was a White Knight… Once

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I Was a White Knight...Once

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  • “This book makes you cry and smile, and at times, you just want to seek him out and give [Nathan] a great big hug.”
  • “Humorous, uplifting, and wonderfully tragic.”
  • “His writing is genuine, authentic, unabashedly honest and replete with engaging imagery.”
  • “[A] truthfully humble, amazing read.”
  • “This book was like the therapist I never had. Timmel has a great insight to the world we could all learn from.”
  • “There is nothing better than a book that ignites an emotional response and creates nostalgia. This book did both.”
  • “By the time I finished I felt I had gained a friend, one who made me laugh, cry, and look into myself.”
  • “All in all, the author makes a journey, and one that this book takes with elegance and heart.”
  • “Timmel delivers the truth in all of its beauty, all of it’s sadness, and all of it’s unpolished splendor.”

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Paperback Version

I Was a White Knight… Once is also available for the Sony Reader, and will soon be available for download as an mp3 Audio Book.


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